Всем привет,
Меня зовут Эдвин, но меня знают как DJ SHEKINAH.
Я считаю, что конкурс- великолепная возможность работать в команде, наладить полезные отношения и создать базу, для того чтобы обмениваться идеями.
Edwin Danso, also DJ Shekinah, isn’t your usual DJ, he is a presence. He is an atmosphere. He gives his listeners an experience which is beyond just the feeling of music. He makes them relate with the person called music. It’s an intimacy thing not a fleeting stimulus. Music to him is more than a tool to change moods and bring joy. To him, music is something tangible. Music is not food for the soul, but soul itself.

Tall in stature, his majestic sense of taste and quality reflects not only in what he does but in how he looks. You’re seen first before you’re heard since light travels faster than sound. So his choice of accessories and clothes is key to his brand style. If it’s not the best, it doesn’t come anywhere near him.

Talk of his music, it’s a salmagundi of styles from the various cultural exposures he’s had. Life in Africa, in Western and Eastern Europe, time spent with friends from Asia and the Americas. All this, mixed with his raw grace and his personal inspiration to be excellent, makes what he does with music a bit supernatural. It’s how he combines melody with harmony, tempo with articulation, and loudness with softness, that makes the difference.

A man of few but necessary words, Eddy, as he’s affectionately called by his friends, is both lovely and lovable. His vast range of interests spans from science to religion, and from diplomacy to sports. Making him a practical person and a person of faith. He likes to play basketball. He also loves to spend time with his friends, which includes little children too.
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