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Exhibition of Lomography and instagram “Electric tape/Digital film”

Photo exhibition “Electric tape/Digital Film” is going to take place in Tyumen within the confines of educational campaign on tolerance “Everybody is different – everybody is equal”. Exposition will unite two directions of photography: lomography and instagram.
Lomography is a type of film photography, which implies imprinting of moment without regard on traditional criteria of quality of documentary photography which are definition, believable color, and uniform density of the frame.
In contrast with lomo creativity and work with film, masterworks will be presented on exhibition, which were photographed and created in applications of Apple products. Instagram is an application for processing and photo sharing. It is really popular photo-network which unites around five million photographers with different level of knowledge. Application allows transforming photos into thumbnails and creating very interesting images with applied filters. Although in Russia those masterworks are rarely exposed to general public, in Europe exhibits like this achieves great success.
Konstantin Lekomzev, musician from band “Smislovie Galyuzinazii” is also participating in project along with other photographers. He formed his own unique style in shooting and processing pictures. For more information about project “Electric tape /Digital Film” and terms of enrollment go to http://moi-portal.ru/digitalfilm/ At this moment photographers from different countries are enrolled in project such as Indonesia, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, France, Germany, UAE, UK, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, India, USA and Russia. Online exhibition is still continues on web site http://moi-portal.ru/ where everyone can send their photos to e-mail of organizers mtozra4ok@gmail.com
Exhibition “Electric tape/Digital Film” will be in business center “Alliance” (10, Chelyuskinzev str.) on May 29. Due to tandem of those different techniques we have an opportunity to discuss combination of classic principals and new technologies and how could they coexist: together or in parallel.
Organizers are department of Sport and Youth Policy in Tyumen region, Lomography TMN,official representation of “Lomography embassy in Russia” and youth creative association “Zrachok”.The main sponsor is the company iStore, chain stores of Apple Premium Reseller.